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Dual Zone 18000 BTU - 24000 BTU 22.5 Seer Mini Split Air Conditioner

A smart choice for an air conditioning and heating solution targeting multiple spaces, this 18000 BTU, 22.5 SEER rated dual zone ductless system powers two air handlers with only one outdoor unit. Customers can choose the air handlers based on their specific needs - 9000 BTU and 9000 BTU, 9000 BTU and 12000 BTU or two 12000 btu units. With its Uber Heat technology, it can heat easily down to -25 degrees celcius with a maximum of -30C. This Kaussmann system modulates over 21000 btu in cooling mode and above 24000 btu in heating mode!

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List Price : $2999.99

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Samsung Whisper Wi-Fi Multi-Zone Sytem

The coveted Samsung Brand name takes the form of a high performance multi-zone system rangin from 16 SEER to 18.5 SEER and backed by a great warranty. Perfect for heating and cooling smaller or huge areas, with the added plus of near silent operation. The whisper model is known for its extra low DB rating combined with the best airflow on the market due to its unique triangle design. The free joint split system is also known to be a top value in the market giving you the option to have up to 5 interior systems and the ability to have wall units, ceiling cassettes and slim ducts running at the same time!


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