What does inverter mean ? What is inverter technology and what does it do?

As most people know, air conditioning units and heat pumps use quite a bit of energy to power themselves and this can end up costing quite a bit of money if these systems aren't efficient. Over the past 20 years, companies have created various technologies to cope with this and one of the most efficient, if not the most efficient is the "inverter" technology. To explain what it is, we'll explain the way a standard unit works and the way an inverter model works.



The typical air conditioning unit:



A typical and standard air conditioning unit will use a so called On/Off technology. Ac units using the On/Off technology always push out cooling and heating at the same pace and keep turning on and off to reach the desired set temperature. This causes a few problems:


- The biggest need and cost for energy is when the units turn on so when units keep turning on and off, this isn't very efficient.

- When systems push out cooling and heating at the same pace, this doesnt adapt to room temperatures and is not efficient.

- You get extremely cold and hot temperatures so this makes makes for a less comfortable environment.

- On/off systems work much harder all the time, this isn't great for durabilily of the units.

- With the On/off systems turning on and off all the time, they are noisier.




The inverter air conditioning unit:



An inverter type mini split system or air conditioning unit works in the following way. It uses a variable speed compressor that automatically adjusts to the room temperature to push out the required amount of cooling or heating. Instead of turning off automatically like a typical On/Off ac unit, the machine will cruise along and maintain the set temperature in a very consistent manner.


- this saves you money

- makes your environment more comfortable

- saves wear and tear on your machine

- makes for a quieter system